Before rent

Do I need my driver’s license to make a reservation?

When making a reservation, you don’t need to write your driver’s license number nor information, but you do need to have a valid driver’s license with you to pick up your selected vehicle. Non-EU citizens are required to produce an international driving license upon vehicle's collection. You may contact our reservation department to be informed accordingly.

Can I use my credit card to make a reservation for another person?

You can, however keep in mind that the person signing the contract needs to be the card holder of a valid credit card.

Do you charge the amount of the reservation before renting?

A 40% deposit is taken to guarantee your booking. Deposit is non refundable once the order is placed

What are the payment options?

You can pay by cash, check, credit card, travels check, or debit card.


Can the reservation be changed before the vehicle pick up?

The pickup and drop off location as well as the model of the vehicle can be changed up to 48 hours before pick up. The pickup time can be changed up to 24 hours before pick up, and delivery services can be requested up to 48 hours before pick up.

What are the types of insurance available?
  • CDW+ (Collision Damage Waiver Plus) is additional insurance which buys out a part of the excess for damages done on the vehicle's body.
  • SCDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver) is additional insurance which buys out the excess (participation in damage) done on the vehicle's body.
If I am late to pick up the vehicle at the specified time, how long will it be available to me?

If you have informed our Customer support your vehicle will wait for you until your arrival, otherwise we have the following reservation terms: For 1 Hour

The reservation process is completed but my voucher was not issued!

Your voucher should arrive via e-mail. Please double check your entered information, and if everything seems in order contact our customer support.

Vehicle Pickup

Can I pick up my reservation in locations other than your offices?

We do offer such a service; however, it needs to be agreed upon 48 hours before vehicle pick up, and it is charged per our additional services price list.

What is pre-authorization – deposit?

Pre-authorization or deposit is a temporary reservation of funds that guarantees payment of rental services and possible added expenses. The height of the deposit depends on the vehicle category, rental period, and insurance packages.

When do I pay for the rental services?

You pay for the rental services upon your vehicle pick up.

Which credit cards do you accept?

We accept all credit card: Visa, MasterCard, Amx, Diners.
Note: we do not accept prepaid or electron cards, travel cards, nor Visa Electron or Maestro

During Rental

If there is a problem with the car or a traffic accident, or if I lose the vehicles documents, licence plates or keys, what do I do?

For all technical inquires please look under “Technical inquires”.

Can I rent GPS, Wi-Fi or child seat?

In our selection of additional equipment, you can choose Wi-Fi, GPS (satellite), and child seats/booster. Go to your nearest Leos office. If the equipment is available you can rent it, and the charges are made according to the rental period.

How do I prolong the rental period?

You can either prolong your rental period in written form or personally in our offices 48 hours before your rental period ends. The price of the prolongation will be calculated by our current price list.

Can I return the vehicle to a different location than the one stated on the contract?

You can change the drop off location, however in such a case, an additional fee is charged for this service.

Vehicle Return

How do I return the vehicle outside of working hours?

If you are returning the vehicle outside of the regular working hours of the office and leaving the documents and the keys in the “Key Box” specified for such a purpose, be certain to leave the vehicle in the agreed drop of location, make sure it is secure and lock it. Also, be certain to check the car security information in the Technical inquires section.

After you drop off the vehicle make certain you photograph it from all sides, note the exact mileage and fuel level and send us the complete documentation via email. If after check up by a Leos employee, additional damages are discovered, we will inform you of the costs incurred via email, as well as back them up with photos and necessary documentation.

In addition to the “Key Box” service, the arrival of a Leos employee can be arranged in advance, this will be charged by our current price list.

In case you stay at a hotel, you can leave an envelope with the keys at the reception, insructing them to give that envelope only to Leos Car Rentals Employee.

In case of vehicle damages, how and when is it paid for?

In case the damage you caused to the vehicle is not covered by the chosen insurance package, it will be charged to you in accordance to already defined tariffs and vehicle categories, from the deposit funds that were reserved on your credit card during vehicle pick up, and to the maximum of the insurance excess. In addition to this, and administration fee for vehicle damages is also charged per our current price list. This is charged during vehicle drop off. The client needs to present all the documentation that was given to him by the police or by any other person (police report, insurance report) and fill out an accident statement in the vehicle drop off office.

Leos withholds the right to charge the whole expense of the damage caused if the Client was not acting in accordance to the rules and regulations of the Republic of Cyprus, or if he did not follow the procedure of reporting the accident.

How can I pay for the rental service?

We advise you to pay with the credit card that was used to authorize the funds and make the deposit during vehicle pick up.

Also, you can pay with another credit, debit or electron car, as well as in cash in Euro.

If I have insurance or insurance excess with a different company/ insurance agency how do I get my funds returned in case of an accident?

If you have insurance or insurance excess with a different company or insurance agency, it is extremely important that you complete the whole procedure (insurance Report or police report, damage report), and that at the vehicle drop off you ask for copies of the complete documentation and damage invoices issued to you by Leos Car Rentals. All the gathered documentation and damage invoices need to be presented to the company or insurance agency in which you have signed the insurance policy to get your money refunded. For additional documentation please contact our Customer support.