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Long Term Rental in Cyprus

Long-term car rent or car leasing in Cyprus. Get a car straight away from our existing fleet!


Leos Business offers car rental service for a minimum length of 180 days, as an efficient alternative to classical car lease. Lower the costs of your car fleet and increase you company's efficiency by focusing on your primary business You can increase or decrease the number of vehicles each month, as well as exchange vehicle categories, according to your current needs. You can return the vehicle before the scheduled time, and you only pay for the period that you use it. We present you with your invoice every month, so you would have a detailed and timely account of your expenses, while we calculate your expense sheet for the mileage (according to your needs) on a half year, year basis or at the end of your rental period. Our offer includes all administrative expenses connected to the vehicle (technical and registration expenses, insurance, taxes), vehicle fees, and all annual maintenance fees.

Long term car rental with us is a great opportunity to get a new car straight away without the hassle of banks, interest rates and stress, think of it as car leasing in Cyprus. Do not miss out on this great opportunity.

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