Technical Inquiries

Can the rented vehicle be used to transport heavy objects?

We do not limit your freedom of movement and usage of the rented vehicles. This implies that you can use the rented vehicle to transport any electrical appliance, furniture, or your sporting gear. However, we kindly ask you to follow road safety regulations, and not transport objects that cannot safely fit in to the rented vehicle. We ask you to pay special notice to the weight of the transported object, so the rented vehicle would not be overburdened and cause danger to you or the vehicle.

ADVICE 1: If you are transporting large and heavy objects, as to avoid damages to the interior that can be very expensive, secure the inside with proper covers, especially the plastic sides of the doors, bunker, car seats, roof carpeting, dashboard etc.

ADVICE 2: If the bunker cannot hold your luggage to the level of the bunker shelf, please do not forcibly close the bunker door as this can lead to expensive damages.

ADVICE 3:  If your luggage does not fit in the car bunker, please do not remove the bunker shelf, or place heavy objects on it. The bunker shelf is very expensive, so be careful not to lose it or damage it.