Technical Inquiries

How do i know that the rented vehicle needs regular maintenance?

We pay special attention to regularly servicing our cars, so they would be safe for our clients and so they would keep their value and the manufacturers guarantee. To inform yourself of the time/kilometre period in which it is necessary to perform regular maintenance, as well as the last time it was made, please check the vehicles card by calling our main office in Limassol. Also most of our vehicles are equipped with a service indicator, that upon its turning on, lets you know that you have to perform its regular maintenance. If it is necessary to perform the vehicles regular maintenance soon, please contact our technical support, with which you will agree upon the aforementioned maintenance, and or a replacement vehicle

NOTE: So the manufacturers guarantee would not be lost, maximum period for postponing regular maintenance is 500 kilometres or 5 working days, please keep that in mind as to avoid unnecessary expenses associated with voiding the vehicles warranty.

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