Technical Inquiries

How to block the back doors and windows to make child transportation safer?

Depending on the type of the vehicle, you can do this in the following manner:

MECHANICAL PROTECTION: Check the inside frame of the back door, on it, if your vehicle has mechanical protection, you will find a sticker with the zone for inserting the mechanical key and activating the child protection. The deactivation procedure is the same except you turn the key to a different direction.

ELECTRONIC PROTECTION: Search for a switch with the symbol for this on the driver’s side of the vehicle. The aforementioned switch is mostly located near the electronic window lifting system switches, the right side of the dashboard, or central console. Pressing this switch will activate the protection. If the vehicle has an electronic window lifting system, and a mechanical door locking system this switch will only lock the windows. If he vehicle has a manual window lifting system you cannot activate the vehicle lock protection

ADVICE 1: Always activate this protection system if you are transporting children in the car.

ADVICE 2: Always make certain when closing the windows that none of the passenger’s are blocking them.