Technical Inquiries

How to correctly install a child seat/booster?

Every child seat/and or booster has an instruction schematic on its back. So your youngest passengers would have a safe and pleasant journey, please follow these instructions.

  • ADVICE 1: We advise you to always keep your children in child seats or boosters that conform to their age and to always put a safety belt on them.
  • ADVICE 2: We advise you to place the child seat and or booster behind the passengers seat. Try to adjust the passenger’s seat to its highest level, while pushing it fully back in an upright positon. This is the safest positon for children. If you need to place more than one child seat/ booster, please always do so on back seats.
  • ADVICE 3: If you decide to put the child seat/booster in the front passenger’s seat, make certain to always turn of the passenger’s side air bag (the switch is located in the glove compartment or on the side of the dashboard). Also, make certain that this type of child transportation is allowed in your country.
  • ADVICE 4: Never put children younger than 12 in the front passenger’s seat.