Technical Inquiries

How to insure the vehicle when parking it?

When parking and leaving the vehicle make certain of the following

  • Fully close all windows
  • Put the gear shift knob in to first speed or reverse ( on vehicles with automatic transmission, put them in to P, on vehicles with robotized transmission put them in to N
  • Make certain to activate the handbrake, and turn of the engine.
  • Do not leave personal items on visible places (we cannot be held responsible for them)
  • Lock and make certain all doors are
  • Carry the keys with yourself at all times

ADVICE 1: To reduce the possibility of theft an or brake in, please park your car in well-lit and urban areas of the city in which you are located

ADVICE 2: Always try to park your vehicle in a vide space so you are able to open the car doors without any difficulty as to avoid possible damages.

ADVICE 3: To avoid damaging the wheels (tires, rims, hubcaps etc.), when parking do not go near the curb. This also goes for other parts of the vehicle, bumpers and spoilers.

ADVICE 4: To keep the cars paint impeccably shiny, try to park under trees.