Technical Inquiries

What to do in case of a traffic accident or vehicle damage, in cases of theft, theft attempt and or brake ins, and vandalism?

In case of a traffic accident and or vehicle damage, immediately call 112 and fill in the police report. If the rented vehicle is not in a driveable condition, please contact our technical support. At vehicle drop off you are required to submit the police report.

In case of theft, attempted theft, or brake in, immediately contact 112 and contact our technical support.

In case of vandalism or a parked vehicle being damaged by an unknown perpetrator, you are also obliged to call the police who will than file a report that you are required to submit at vehicle drop off.

NOTE: In special situations, if it’s a case of a smaller vehicle damage (small scratch or dent, or smaller accident without any other participant), with consent from the technical support and photos of the accident, you may only fill in the damage report without contacting the police.