Vehicle Return

How do I return the vehicle outside of working hours?

If you are returning the vehicle outside of the regular working hours of the office and leaving the documents and the keys in the “Key Box” specified for such a purpose, be certain to leave the vehicle in the agreed drop of location, make sure it is secure and lock it. Also, be certain to check the car security information in the Technical inquires section.

After you drop off the vehicle make certain you photograph it from all sides, note the exact mileage and fuel level and send us the complete documentation via email. If after check up by a Leos employee, additional damages are discovered, we will inform you of the costs incurred via email, as well as back them up with photos and necessary documentation.

In addition to the “Key Box” service, the arrival of a Leos employee can be arranged in advance, this will be charged by our current price list.

In case you stay at a hotel, you can leave an envelope with the keys at the reception, insructing them to give that envelope only to Leos Car Rentals Employee.